Bohemia Crystal Colored Floral Wine Glasses, Set of 6

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These elegant, imported Czech crystal wine glasses will impress any guest. Made from 100% lead free crystal, they are etched in a delicate floral pattern and then colored. This technique, called Pantograph Etching, is a demanding technology that creates a beautiful lasting design.  Six colored crystal glasses in the set - green, blue, smoke, yellow, peach and purple. 

  • Imported Czech Crystal Wine Glasses
  • Beautiful elegant design that will enhance any occasion
  • Set of 6 glasses, 250 ml (approx 8.5 ounces); Lead Free Crystal; Dishwasher Safe
  • Each glass a different color - guests can easily remember which glass is theirs!


CARE: Bohemia Crystal Wine Glasses are dishwasher safe. But some dishwashing detergents can leave a greyish stain on your crystal glasses. If that is the case, handwashing would be advised.