About Us

We love entertaining!  Having friends over for a great meal.  Conversations that last late into the night. Sharing a bottle of wine while watching a movie and eating popcorn.  We believe that life is best when shared with friends and family.  For us, having a great party means not worrying about about a friend accidentally breaking an expensive wine glass. So, like most of you, we kept out expensive crystal stayed in a cabinet, where it never got pulled out except for holidays.  But we still wanted to have nice stemware to enjoy a glass of wine at night or when someone stopped by.  We were done with cheap glassware that was thick walled and scratched from the dishwasher.  Plus we wanted it to be lead-free and dishwasher safe  So we started search for good quality stemware that matched our criteria, and didnt cost so much we'd cringe if it got dropped.  We ended up finding the perfect sets in the Czech Republic, which is known for its incredible crystal.   And so WineOhh was born.  In 2014, we started importing some beautiful crystal stemware, as well as their champagne flutes, whiskey sets and other glassware.  All are excellent quality, lead-free and dishwasher safe. 

We've expanded our line-up to include some nice Romanian crystal stemware that has been hand-blown and decorated.  These do require hand washing, but for special occasions, its worth it.  Its fun to set the table for a dinner party and have glasses that match the theme or color scheme.  And we've started getting some unique glassware from the USA.  From Asta Glass in California, to Detroit Glassworks in Michigan and Gatski Metal in Pennsylvania, we are happy to carry the works of these American artists.  

And please check out our new Home Accessories section.  We have been looking for fun, unique pieces that accent your home.  Most are crystal, but you'll see some very cool industrial tables there too.  

So please wander around the site, and hopefully you will find a something that makes you want to call some friends and invite them over.  Enjoy!

Best wishes - WineOhh!