Bohemia Crystal "Corvus" Crystal Wine Glasses (Set of 6)

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The Corvus  crystal wine glass features a modern square bowl that tapers gently to the rim.  Our most popular wine glass, these glasses feature a contemporary design that complements most tableware.  

    • Set of 6 crystal wine glasses
    • White Wine glass holds 350ml (approx 11.8 ounces)
    • Red Wine Glass holds 450ml (approx 15.2 ounces)
    • Titanium enriched lead-free crystal for added brilliance and strength
    • Laser cut thin rims that feel soft against your mouth, allowing you to enjoy the full flavor of the wine 
    • A flat base on the bowl for comfortable holding.
    • Dishwasher safe - and the white wine glass is just the right size to fit in the top shelf of most dishwashers.
NOTE:  Bohemia Crystal has changed the names of their wine glasses from female names to bird names.  Therefore the “Corvus" wine glass was formerly known as "Naomi".  It is the same glass, with a new name and packaging.