Bohemia Crystal Decorated Gold Rim Whiskey Glasses - Set of 6

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These beautifully decorated DOF / Whiskey glasses are the perfect addition to any home bar.  Imported Czech crystal, these Pantograph decorated whiskey glasses feature a heavy base and smooth rim.   They are further enhanced with an etched gold design and a gold band around the top.

  • Set of 6 glasses
  • Each glass holds 280 ml (9.4 ounces)
  • Imported Czech Crystal
  • Lead Free Crystal

Pantograph decorating is a very detailed technology boasting more than 150 years old history. Decor creation is executed in several stages. At first, glass is covered by wax, then decor is engraved precisely into it by force of needles. Subsequently, the glass is immersed into an etching bath, which completes the decor through its reaction with glass.  Glasses can be further enhanced by golden rims or spraying.